Alternative Energy Fueling Customers Enjoy the Peace of Mind of Knowledgeable, Friendly Monitoring and Support from CMD

As the demand for CNG and other alternative fuels grows, one thing remains the same; drivers fueling the vehicles will do so at all hours of the day or night.  If your station is supported by CMD monitoring, service and assistance, your customers are in contact with help 24/7/365.  And supported customers are returning customers, which is good for your business.

24/7 AES station monitoring and assistanceSince its inception on 2011, the CMD Call Center has provided personal, friendly, and experienced monitoring, service and support to thousands of drivers and station owners/managers.  An extensive nationwide network of service technicians is available for quick dispatch should the need arise.

A customized approach

The alternative energy fueling market is growing and changing rapidly.  Customers, including investors, station owners and managers, fleet managers and drivers have a variety of needs, so a one-size-fits-all approach won’t do.

CMD has always customized equipment and our service menu and offerings to suit specific needs. This allows customers to choose the level of monitoring, assistance, maintenance alerts, field service, data reporting and tracking they want for their stations.

“We are uniquely positioned to help customers whatever their particular station or business model,” says Ashley Nabbefeld, Call Center Manager. “Whether the business is offering CNG fueling, or is an RNG station, fast fill or time fill, public or private – our services are scalable to adapt to their specific needs.”  The CMD monitoring and service offerings are easily transferred to different types of fueling stations as the alternative energy market grows and new options for clean fuel are added.

For station owners and managers, call center associates provide a variety of services, with communications preferences customized for each customer:

  • Maintenance calendar tracks preventive maintenance visits
  • Monthly maintenance reminders are sent, which help reduce unplanned downtime and service interruptions
  • If a field problem occurs, a service ticket is issued, and weekly ticket update emails are sent

Actionable reporting

Specific data provides important business insights for owners and managers:

  • Downtime is a critical metric and CMD reports any downtime, tracking the specific time and reasons for the downtime.
  • Conversely, uptime availability is reported, including how many hours the equipment was operational and fueling
  • Tracking of major maintenance coming due. After specified run-time hours, addressing major maintenance in a timely manner will add to the equipment lifespan and forestall downtime and interruptions. (EG: the run-time hours on a compressor is tracked, and major maintenance visit is scheduled to repair wear parts, conduct thorough systems checks, etc…)
  • Reminders and scheduling of routine maintenance checking for gas or oil leaks, checking for oil leaks, going through looking at gauges to make sure no pressure issue, look at excess oil that has to be drained, check dispensers, clean the dispensers, run the cards to be sure all hoses are properly working, etc…

Remote Access

CNG station remote access appCMD offers owners and managers access to real-time station data anywhere, anytime.  Below are some of the metrics that station owners and managers tell us they like having at their fingertips:

  • Check uptime from a convenient, web-based, mobile-friendly app
  • Watch your GGE per minute – how quickly and efficiently is the fuel flowing to fuel the vehicle
  • Check your station’s monthly or annual GGEs
  • Attract and retain customers to your station:
    • Use data to highlight station uptime
    • Use data to illustrate quicker fuel-ups
    • Use data to show your station has plenty of capacity and is always available for fueling

The Peace-of-Mind Difference

Assisting our customers’ customers, the drivers, is an important element of the CMD call center.

“Since drivers are on their own, often at odd hours of the day and night, having the 24/7 support offered by the CMD call center has helped keep them on the road and on schedule,” says Ashley.

These are just some of the services offered:

  • Assisting a new driver with a first-time fuel up
  • Troubleshooting point-of-sale issues
  • Troubleshooting dispenser issues
  • Troubleshooting card-not-working issues
  • Assistance in finding fueling stations

“The AES (Alternative Energy Solutions) team works together, and the call center is the conduit for communication and dispatch between our customers and technical service representatives and spare parts professionals,” says Ashley.

“The majority of what we are doing is really communicating with customer,” notes Ashley.  We are that partner that is always watching so they don’t have to.  “For example, we check all the HMIs every 6 hours and look for any aberrations on the screens.”

Our professional team watches your stations and assists drivers and provides timely performance reports and maintenance alerts for the kind of peace of mind fueling that will keep your customers coming back and your station profitable.

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