Portable, Modular CNG Fueling


The Development of the 50CGS and 100CGS modular compressor systems answered the market need for a portable, affordable fueling station for small to medium fleets, and a simple entry method for those just starting to fuel with CNG.
The 100CGS easily expands as your fueling needs grow. It is the only system on the market that can expand up to 4 compressors, to fuel up to 20 trucks in 4.5 hours. Fuel your fleet at night when rates are lower.

◾Robust design and manufacture for long-lasting durability
◾Remote monitoring capable
◾Remote climate controlled electrical enclosures
◾Lighted enclosures for safer, easier operation and maintenance

Compressor sizes are available to suit specific site and fueling requirements:

◾ 50CGS reciprocating compressor providing 50 scfm
◾100CGS reciprocating compressor providing 96 scfm

 CNG systems designed, packaged and built by CMD comply with industry standards for safety and performance: NFPA,
NGV, UL, ETL, ASME, ANSI, API, AWS, OSHA, SAE, FEMA, IEC, ISO, NEC, AGA.  For details on specific industry standards, please contact [email protected]

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