Time Fill CNG Fueling Station for Hardworking Fleets

Staying on budget and operating municipal, waste or construction fleets can be a challenge with fluctuating diesel prices.

Price-stable CNG is a perfect solution for busses, waste removal trucks, fire and emergency vehicles, airport vehicles and municipal fleets of all kinds.

Convert to CNG

• Reduce noise – CNG engines are quieter and cleaner-burning
• Plan budgets – Save on price-stable natural gas fuel
• Return on Investment – Converting your vehicles to CNG can produce a quick return on your capital investment.

Time-Fill Benefits

• Overnight fueling when rates can be lower save fuel costs
• Labor associated with fueling up is virtually eliminated
• Slow fuel up allows for fuller tanks, for more miles on the road between fuel-ups

Request Information

CNG systems designed, packaged and built by CMD comply with industry standards for safety and performance: NFPA, NGV, UL, ETL, ASME, ANSI, API, AWS, OSHA, SAE, FEMA, IEC, ISO, NEC, AGA.  For details on specific industry standards, please contact [email protected]

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