Natural Gas Compressors for CNG Fueling

Quality Compression Systems: It’s Easy to See the Difference

Robust, high-performance compressor packages from CMD can utilize various brands of compressors, depending upon application and customer preference. We have experience with the major compressor brands, like GE, Sauer, Ariel and more.

High-Performance for excellent flow rates and uninterrupted fueling:

  • Air cooled compressor cylinders for easier maintenance.
  • Fully balanced pistons and rods for low vibration.
  • Gas pulsation bottles to reduce piping stresses and fatigue for a longer life on gas line components.
  • Bottle design based on exacting API (American Petroleum Institute) 618 requirements.
  • Piping welded by highly qualified and certified welders, per stringent ASME Section IX testing requirements.
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CNG systems designed, packaged and built by CMD comply with industry standards for safety and performance: NFPA,
NGV, UL, CSA, ASME, ANSI, API, AWS, OSHA, SAE, FEMA, IEC, ISO, NEC, AGA.  For details on specific industry standards, please contact [email protected]

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