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The Peace-of-Mind Difference in CNG Fueling

Working together means staying with our customers through all situations – favorable or not, until our customers are satisfied. We follow through on commitments, provide superior service support a nd responsiveness, before, during and after the sale.

UNIQUE OFFERING: Station Monitoring – 24/7 by trained CMD personnel at our Appleton, Wisconsin facility

State-of-the-art monitoring technology built into the controls of our equipment. Site cameras, helpful, friendly CNG specialists just a phone call away for your customer’s drivers, for you as a station manager or owner.


Standard and compact gas compressor systems, pressure boosters, remote fueling and pressure reduction systems, advanced systems controls, and the latest time and fast fill dispensing technology.  All equipment is designed and built at our Appleton, Wisconsin facility by our experienced CNG personnel to your specific needs.  We are easy to do business with – and willing to be flexible.   Our robust equipment meets stringent industry standards and has the best-reported performance in the industry of 99.97%.  Our systems remain operational for uninterrupted fueling even in harsh weather.
Even when others fail.


Harness the power of data with CMD Insights – a dashboard designed and delivered to you using IoT technology and our accumulated experience in CNG fueling. Insights can help ensure equipment uptime, prevent catastrophic failure, protect workers and drivers, and enhance CNG fuel delivery, throughput and driver experience at the pump. Insights delivers real-time performance monitoring and powerful, customized dashboards that display specific assets and processes, which you can access from anywhere.  Real-time alerts, reporting and analytics mean you make the most-informed, best business decisions for a an efficient and profitable CNG fueling station. Insights is just one example of advancing technology to to ensure the profitability of your station and the satisfaction of your driver customers.

Invested in your success

We have a passion to keep your station up and running and your driver customers quickly and reliably fueled and back on the road and on schedule. We won’t try to sell you a fuel contract.  We’ll work with any fuel supplier of your choice, and work with you to help plan and design your station by networking with our trusted partners.  You have the freedom to choose a partner who cares as much about your business, and your customers, as you do.

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CNG systems designed, packaged and built by CMD comply with industry standards for safety and performance: NFPA, NGV, UL, ETL, ASME, ANSI, API, AWS, OSHA, SAE, FEMA, IEC, ISO, NEC, AGA. For details on specific industry standards, please contact [email protected]

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