The Peace-of-Mind Difference in Service Support

Focus is on quick response and effective service solutions

Our customer’s success is important to us, and that’s why our famous 24/7/365 support by trained CNG specialists is available on all CMD fueling equipment.

CMD’s dedicated Call Center performs proactive monitoring, reliable reporting and analytics and quick, real-time response for CNG stations. The facility allows for expansion and the addition of personnel as the market and customer needs grow. The call center is part of CMD’s overall comprehensive service menu which also includes a remote monitoring app for station-owner check-ins and comprehensive ½ day and full day CNG technician training sessions for beginners or experienced technicians.
Our call center allows station owners and operators to hand over the headaches and concerns of station operating status and avoid the hassles of fielding complaint calls, finding service and taking time to check that the CNG fueling equipment at your stations is up and running correctly,” says Michael Wormley , CMD Customer Service Manager. “Our CNG support resources are connected, so that service, parts, monitoring and dispatch are a dedicated hub focused on quick response and effective service solutions.”

24-7 service response

CMD Call Center is staffed by friendly, dedicated specialists

The CNG Call Center is central to the superior service menu offered by CMD and includes:
• Human-manned 24/7 station equipment monitoring
• State-of-the-art status board
• Tested and proven dispatching
• Solution assurance follow-up



Supporting Capabilities:
• Cameras, HMI, Petroleader, and CMD Status board are all used to see issues before they are reported by customers.

o Accurate, real-time station runtime parameters
• CMD dispatches service through a nationwide network of technicians
• Extensive CNG fueling equipment and station knowledge
• Reports and analytics allow our analysts to spot trends; identify wear parts replacement needs, schedule needed, corrective maintenance and set up important preventive maintenance schedules.
• We bundle call-outs for time and financial efficiency: EG: preventive maintenance visit bundled with emergency service call.
• Station Monitoring Service available for any service, any equipment

The dedicated staff at the CNG Call Center have years of business, customer and technical experience, to ensure quick resolution to any problems and ensure optimal uptime and uninterrupted fueling service at your facilities!
For more information or to schedule a tour, contact Michael Wormley, 800-438-7912

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