Seek a Flexible, Collaborative Partner for CNG That Works for You

While the obvious purpose of CNG fueling equipment is to deliver fuel for CNG vehicles, the station should be designed to deliver profitability and peace of mind for owners as well. When selling fuel is the goal for your equipment supplier, are your needs and those of your fleets, drivers and customers a priority?

“Because CMD does not sell fuel, our focus is 100% on developing flexible solutions that work for our customers,” says Brad Schmoll, CMD CNG Business Development Manager. “We take the time and give the attention to discovering the unmet needs of our customers, and to develop unique solutions that aren’t readily available elsewhere.”


CMD began in CNG a decade ago, and entered the market with a lean business model that did not rely on banks of standard equipment. “We excel at the exceptional ,” says Schmoll. “We identify early on in the project what is at the heart of our customers’ needs – from installation and start-up to operational expectations and remote management tools – and build in solutions from the ground up.” He goes on to note that there are many suppliers of compressors – it’s not in that particular equipment, but in the design of the systems, from easy maintenance access points to elegant programming – that deliver a different and better experience for CMD customers.

Brad Schmoll
CNG Business Development Manager

Schmoll notes an example of a project that involved a number of non-compression features that allowed the customer a quick, vertical start-up, reducing headaches and delays. Another example is system modifications for a customer that wanted to better remotely manage, diagnose and troubleshoot specific equipment issues, so CMD designed the system with specific sensors that transmitted digital information real-time to a remote customer dashboard.
“The customer was pleased and surprised, saying they had never been asked for input into the design of their station equipment before and felt it was very empowering,” says Schmoll.



Advancing Technology

Dashboard predictiveToday’s digital tools provide opportunity for predictive communication from station equipment to owner and operators which ensure the highest and most efficient uptime for their CNG equipment. CMD Insights has been developed to deliver predictive maintenance alerts and real-time performance and operational information, for quick, proactive diagnostics and troubleshooting – allowing remote station management to ensure uptime and uninterrupted fueling service.


Collaboration and Support

24/7/365From the beginning, CMD focused on providing industry-recognized support, which included 24/7/365 assistance through a call center staffed with friendly, trained technicians.  Combined with new data analytics that provide robust remote management tools, customers get the best of science and human support.

CMD is not the biggest supplier to CNG fueling stations. “For our customers, that’s an advantage,” says Schmoll. “They know we will stick with them for the life of their equipment – during good times and when challenges occur.” With industry-recognized service, support and responsiveness, CMD emphasizes quality customer relationships over quantity sales.  “We go the extra mile,” says Schmoll.


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