RNG Site at Clover Hills Dairy Completed

CMD Gas Compression Equipment and Site Controller Optimize Efficiency

RNG for zero carbon

The RNG Market is Growing and Wisconsin’s Dairy Farms are leading the way

Wisconsin Dairy Farms offer the raw material resources and thus, logical sites for the production of renewable natural gas (RNG), used for energy to run generators for on-site electricity needs, or for general natural gas use, including fuel for natural gas vehicles.

RNG is the pathway to zero carbon and promises a new era of environmental and economic benefits for communities and fleets alike.   RNG starts with organic material, like manure, plant and food waste and landfill matter, and using one of several processes, produces biogas which is then cleaned to remove the non-methane components, and compressed for use as fuel.  When cleaned and compressed properly, RNG can utilize existing gas delivery infrastructure.  This is the case with the RNG site at Clover Hill Dairy, which is transported via tube trailers by U.S. Gain to injection points in the natural gas pipeline.

CMD Energy RNG

CMD gas compression equipment and service personnel shown at the now operational RNG gas processing facility at Clover Hill Dairy, Campbellsport, Wisconsin.

The new gas processing facility at Clover Hill Dairy in Campbellsport, Wi was commissioned and operational in under 9 months, a considerable achievement considering the complications that can occur with RNG projects.  It will provide clean transportation fuel for the growing renewable natural gas (RNG) industry. The facility to upgrade the biogas produced from an existing digester will be managed by Nacelle Solutions in partnership with U.S. Gain, a leader in the development and distribution of RNG. Nacelle will own, operate and maintain the equipment, which includes advanced natural gas compression technology, a centralized site controller and site support from CMD CNG Energy Solutions..

Image depicts potential future technology for RNG Sites

Along with the latest in gas compression technology, CMD has developed a centralized site controller unique to the industry for the Clover Hill project.  The site controller connects the discreet components of the facility and provides centralized control, as well as consistent collection of metrics that are important for reporting to the EPA for the RIN program, and to verify that the gas is of pipeline quality.

The intuitive HMI color touch screen also provides productivity and output data and has built-in alerts for component or system issues.  The system delivers critical data in near real-time, improving operational efficiency and ensuring uninterrupted production.

CMD Energy Site Service

CMD Wrap-Around Service Ensures Uninterrupted Fueling

The site will produce over 50 million SCF amounts of RNG annually which equates to displacing over 360 thousand gallons of diesel per year in environmental benefits.  Fleets will also be able to recognize economic savings via RINs.  CMD’s 24/7 Call Center will provide around the clock monitoring and assistance which will contribute to the uninterrupted production of this clean burning fuel.

The Clover Hill site is the first in a series of four Nacelle Wisconsin RNG farm projects involving CMD as an equipment and service vendor. The remaining three are scheduled to be operational within the next few months.

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