Know What You’re Getting with CNG/RNG Fueling Equipment

There is a Difference in Fueling Equipment

Compression equipment is not new, and some manufacturers have been around for many years or longer, offering essentially the same thing they always have.

When CMD came on the energy scene in 2011, our vision was to provide better performing equipment that brought new and unique value to our customers.  To that end, we worked on developing features that made maintenance and operation simpler, safer and quicker, and in advancing the technology used to operate and support our compression equipment to provide real-time insights that contribute to high efficiency and uptime, and greater profitability.  And finally, to offer unique-to-the-industry, 24/7/375 remote station monitoring and assistance.  This combination meant that station owners as well as their customers (fleets and truck drivers) could depend on uninterrupted fueling – and rest easy knowing that drivers would not be stranded when fueling was a necessity.

CMD Energy Business Development Manager, Brad Schmoll stands in an assembly bay in the firm’s Appleton, WI facility.

It’s standard fare that compressors come in various sizes, and that enclosures can, and are, customized for specific site and application requirements.  CMD offers compression packages from 40 HP to 600 HP with flow rates from 50 scfm to over 1000 scfm.  Our packages feature various brands of compressors  – we have the experience and capability with GE, Ariel, Sauer and more.  Our systems include a gas inlet dryer. gas storage and a choice of fueling dispensers.  But it’s considering the user experience in our design and technology that makes the difference:

  • Lighted, walk-through enclosure design
    • Enclosures and components are well organized and designed for comfortable access for operators and maintenance personnel
  • Compression systems designed by experts with years of NG experience. This means our systems feature the best-practices and newest technology to deliver unparalleled performance – we are proud to be able to prove and validate our 99% uptime record.
  • The unique CMD site controller connects all components from a single PLC and provides real-time analytics to spot and prevent trouble before it happens. It monitors all critical operating parameters.  The system will automatically notify station owners of station status, or customers have the option of using CMD’s 24/7 call center to monitor the station.
  • Wrap-around service, monitoring, parts availability, training – a blend of passionate support personnel whose goal is to keep your stations up and running and drivers on the road.

Part of the CMD experience is knowing that we take responsibility for our systems and support.  100% of our systems are designed and assembled in-house. Our personnel are employees – trained and supported by CMD.  In this way, we control quality, and ensure that our commitment to performance and service are always delivered.

Interested in learning more?  Contact:
Brad Schmoll
Business Development Manager – CMD Energy Solutions

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