CMD modular fueling system offers compact convenience

Great Flexible, Scaleable Fueling System for CNG/RNG

CMD CNG Energy Solutions modular fueling system offers a compact footprint ideal for small spaces or companies just starting with CNG or for RNG sites as well.  Easily portable from site to site, bolt-on expansion pods quickly and cost-effectively expand your system as fueling requirements grow.


Robust reliability, with scalable fuel delivery, up to 4 compressor systems:

  • Adding or removing the bolt-on systems is quick and easy – only use the footprint that you need
    • Start out small and ramp up as your business and fueling needs grow
  • Add on time-fill and defueling in the same foot print
  • All the technology and support of a full-size location
    • Each system is robust and backed by CMD service professionals
  • CMD walk-through, temperature controlled enclosure technology for easier, safe access for monitoring and maintenance
  • Remote performance monitoring available

Consider the benefits of your own, private CNG or RNG fueling station:

  • Stop paying retail prices for CNG
  • Avoid lines and driving to find a station
  • Time-fill option allows fueling overnight when rates are low

CMD Model 100CGS Compressor System includes:

  • 4-stage reciprocating compressor
  • 96 SCFM (0.7 Diesel Gallon Equivalent)
  • 4.0 psig inlet pressure and 68°F inlet temperature, discharging at 4500 psig.

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