Renewable Natural Gas Offers Opportunities for Growth

RNG for fuel shows potential to mature and expand significantly in the next decade.  RNG, Depending on how it’s made, can be a carbon-negative fuel, taking more carbon from its source materials of waste products than it puts back into the environment in emissions.

The uptick in focus on sustainability, aided by an increase in activism related to global warming and serious global waste issues, has focused a beam of attention on the bio-fuel industry. Government legislation relative to Renewable Fueling Standards (RFS) has also been an important driver.









For fleets, station owners and developers, the environmentally-friendly benefit of RNG offers an added incentive to convert to renewable natural gas fuel. Source material is abundant, and when cleaned and compressed properly, can utilize existing gas delivery infrastructure.

Whether your biogas will be delivered directly into the pipeline or will be sent via tube-trailer for loading and unloading, CMD has high-performance compression and de-pressurizing equipment for RNG projects.

  • Compression solutions from 30 to 1000 SCFM (50 to 1700 m3/hr)
  • Compressors types and brands are selected based on your specific needs.
  • CMD has experience packaging GE, Ariel, Sauer, LeROI and other brands. The choice between a reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane type of compressor will also be based on your specific requirements.
  • Our fueling systems feature the latest controls with globally-supported Allen-Bradley platforms, bright color touch screens and remote-monitoring app.

Our seasoned engineering and technical team can adapt solutions to your specific project – landfills, animal waste facilities, water treatment plants and other sources of organic waste.

All CMD customers have access to 24/7 station monitoring, responsive technical service, readily available replacement parts, and site operation and maintenance training.

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