Can Your Station Benefit from a Site Audit?

Parts and Service Discount with Site Audit

The CMD audit profile includes review of maintenance records, observation of the equipment operating and recommendations for setting adjustments to optimize performance. The audit report also provides important recommendations for scheduled maintenance to optimize equipment performance and reduce downtime.

Plus, a comprehensive analysis of parts needed on hand for ready replacement, and assistance locating and ordering those parts is part of the service. All equipment audits are based on the owner’s manual provided with the machine(s) or OEM documented maintenance recommendations.

CMD is committed to optimizing the operation of your refueling equipment. Skilled service technicians and parts specialists combine their knowledge and experience, while maintaining discretion towards your unique operating procedures.

This bundling of service and parts resources has proven time and again to bring immediate financial rewards for customers through increased production time and minimized downtime.

“We strive to be a trusted total solutions provider,” says Michael Wormley, CMD Service Manager. “Our parts and service departments work together to seamlessly provide support to stations, regardless of OEM. Our experience with natural gas compression allows us to comfortably and competently service a variety of types of stations and equipment.”

Standard equipment audit visits are usually conducted Tuesday through Thursday. The audit length will depend on how many types of machines and the total amount of equipment being audited. Each audit visit culminates in a verbal debrief and a written report.

For a limited time, service labor hours conducted by CMD service technicians as a result of audit recommendations will be discounted by $15 an hour from standard labor rates.  Any parts ordered from CMD as a result of audit recommendations will be discounted 10%.

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