Real-Time Data and Personal Support Predicts Success for CNG Stations

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When speaking with CNG station owners and managers, three primary indicators of success for stations are frequently cited:

1. A high percentage of equipment uptime
2. Cost control over operation and maintenance
3. Reliable fueling throughput for drivers

High Equipment Uptime

Keeping stations up and running for optimal fueling uptime and fuel throughput depends on a variety of factors, including the robustness of fueling and dispensing equipment. Equipment reliability is tied to design, component choice, level of sophistication with system integration, and the capabilities and performance of the system controls programs and hardware. Choosing a company with a team of experienced CNG engineers and technicians will assure optimal CNG system performance.

CMd CNg Energy Solutions equipped statin night fuelingCMD Customers get Free Station Monitoring“CMD packages CNG compressors and components into a variety of scalable, flexible fueling systems,” says Brad Schmoll, CNG Business Development Manager.
“We’re fortunate to draw from the experience of our parent company, CMD Corporation, an industrial equipment designer and manufacturer with nearly 40 years’ experience. “We’re committed to our customers and have a record of 99%+ fueling uptime, despite some pretty harsh weather conditions, including sub-zero temperatures and hurricanes,” he adds.

CMD CNG fueling systems range from the nimble, 50CGS modular system to larger, high-output configurations customized for specific site and fueling requirements. Additionally, CMD engineers have developed systems for remote fueling, defueling, boosting and more.
“It’s a good idea to start with the right equipment and to choose a CNG system packager who will work with you to deliver systems for your specific fueling needs,” says Schmoll. “It’s important to consider scalability and flexibility for this changing and growing market.”

Costs Control – maintenance and operations

Many CNG stations are unmanned, and keeping them operational for uninterrupted fueling for customers’ fleets can be a considerable challenge. The costs associated with unplanned outages and downtime can be prohibitive. The service support for the station and access to vital real-time data to prevent outages is essential.   Very importantly, having the technology to predict and prevent outages, and the associated, unexpected and unplanned downtime, can have a strong impact on all three indicators.

Looking at data is one thing. Looking at historical information of your fueling equipment performance helps you spot trends, analyze fuel usage, and record maintenance issues. But more powerful is real-time data – which can do all those things but can also predict maintenance and operational issues.

With the easily accessible mobile remote monitoring application like the one offered by CMD, you have the power to forestall outages and keep your stations consistently operational. This reliability means you offer a distinct advantage to fleet owners and managers – to the customers making the decision to use, buy, or build CNG stations.
The CMD monitoring app is available to all customers and is accessible with any mobile device and an internet connection. “We made it simple, and easily accessible for our customers,” says Schmoll. “Some companies charge extra, but we don’t – it’s free to our customers.”

“Combine the rich insights of real-time data and the connectivity to real, trained people monitoring that data via live cameras, your stations and you now have an enormous advantage over your competition: an end to the lonely driver syndrome,” says Schmoll.

Fueling Reliability

“I like to describe our solutions, our people, as being the Guardians of Uptime,” he explains. “I frequently hear stories from our customers drivers’ that illustrate the value of our technology/people solution.”
The stories go like this: the driver is fueling up at 3 am, which is not uncommon in the trucking industry. Something is not working for this driver – who is alone, in any type of weather, from torrential rain to blizzards to sub-zero temps, with a near-empty truck, and a tight schedule to keep.

“At a CMD supported station, there is a very quick and simple solution – the toll-free number posted on the pump – and the real person, available 24/7 – on the other end of the line,” Schmoll explains. “More than just monitoring, CMD offers responsive support by real people. So, the CNG stations we equip and support stay up and running longer, with fewer interruptions.”

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