The Benefits of a “Total Project” Approach to RNG Fueling

Sorting through the complex supply chain in the growing Renewed Natural Gas (RNG) fuel industry is fundamental to ensure the success of any RNG site or project.

“When CMD formed its alternative energy sector back in 2011, it took concentrated planning and research to get our bearings in the emerging supply chain for CNG and RNG for fuel,” says Brad Schmoll, CMD AES Business Development Manager.

Now, having more than a decade of experience and many successful projects under CMD’s belt, Brad says he’s glad CMD took the time to learn it, and to develop products and services that exhibit synergistic value for clients. Talking to clients and colleagues in the industry, it became evident to Brad that gaps existed in delivering projects on time, on budget and to specifications.

“I heard comments that, among OEMS and suppliers, there could be inconsistent experience, technical skill, collaboration and drive to meet the overall project success.”

It’s beneficial for OEMs to have significant knowledge of the industry.  It’s also important to have a thorough understanding of the RNG process and how equipment, engineering and programming combine for total success.  For example, data integrity is hugely important for companies that rely on accurate RIN reporting for their very survival.

Flexibility, customization, attention to customers and experienced technical skill set

Accumulating an understanding of the gaps, CMD went to work to develop and offer a unique combination of high-performance equipment, industry-knowledgeable engineers, programmers, service technicians and the industry’s best 24/7/365 site monitoring and assistance.

“Site owners are asking for flexibility,” remarks Brad.  “Offering customization to meet specific needs and ala cart equipment where the project benefits made a great deal of difference for our clients.”

Everyone touts service, but a clear gap existed when it came to the attention customers received.

“We aren’t the biggest supplier, which allows us to offer our clients the time and patience to listen and understand their needs,” says Brad.  This includes working with them and guiding them through various aspects of the project with a focus on meeting and exceeding expected outcomes.

An important part of superior customer service is assisting clients through the labyrinth of complexities that exist within an RNG project.

“Finding answers and solving problems – even if it means we refer them to a competitor or other supplier – is not uncommon,” notes Brad. “It is just part of our focus on total project success and customer satisfaction.”

CMD has an impressive bench of engineers and technicians trained and experienced specifically in energy equipment.  From equipment design to programming, having this knowledge base means fewer errors, faster solutions, and the comfort of knowing you are working with professionals with the experience and education to consistently deliver high-quality results.

“For example, we were pleased to provide controls and programming for an entire RNG site, including non-CMD equipment, delivering data of the highest provable integrity for successful RIN reporting,” says Brad. “Doing the whole-site programming provides CMD with a better understanding of the entire process, and how our equipment integrates into the site as a whole.”

Partnering and Follow Up

Brad observes that attentiveness to customer needs ramps up after the sale.  “Continuing the support and dialogue after the sale is extremely important,” he notes.  “We believe in customers for life; in providing a service and partnership that lasts well beyond the installation of equipment.”

CMD was the first to offer 24/7/365 site monitoring and assistance, which ensures long-term success for station and site owners and their fleet and driver customers.

“Our in-house call center specialists are trained in CNG/RNG fueling and uniquely positioned to help our site and station owners and drivers,” says Brad.  “A system of checks and balances within our communication process means we get the information to the right people and the solutions to our customers quicker than others.”

The saying, “The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts” illustrates that collaboration, deep technical and industry knowledge, and a focus on customer attention work together to ensure long-term project success.

Brad Schmoll CMD AES Business Development Manager


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