CMD INSIGHTS – Real-time remote management dashboards.

Insights Drive Success

CMD Insights is a dashboard designed and delivered to you using IoT technology and our accumulated experience in CNG fueling. Insights can help ensure equipment uptime, prevent catastrophic failure, protect workers and drivers, and enhance CNG fuel delivery, throughput and driver experience at the pump.

Insights delivers real-time performance monitoring and powerful, customized dashboards that display specific assets and processes, which you can access from anywhere.  Real-time alerts, reporting and analytics mean you make the most-informed, best business decisions for an efficient and profitable CNG fueling station.

Insights summary Dashboard predictive

(The screen shots above are representative of types of reports available on customized dashboards, including an Executive Summary as shown on the left.  These screen shots are not meant to represent actual data)

Metrics can be customized to deliver data insights that ensure uninterrupted fueling service, including:
• Machine / System/ Process health. CMD Insights can connect disparate OEM equipment, monitor and report total site performance.
• Output / Measure of product produced. Rich data related to product throughput, delivery and sales volume is customized and delivered to your internet-accessible dashboard.

It’s been estimated that the true cost of a machine breakdown is between four and fifteen times the preventive maintenance costs. This downtime is wasteful and inefficient, in both repair costs and opportunity lost.

• Predictive analytics – identify future state failures. Maintenance can be scheduled when convenient, forestalling outages and breakdowns
• Preventive maintenance alerts – Choose to receive SMS or email notifications

Best of all, these services are backed by caring, trained CMD professionals. Our full staff of call center specialists and technical service and parts representatives are dedicated to providing the Peace of Mind Difference in CNG Fueling.  The technology and portal for your CMD Insights dashboard is a cost-effective, far-reaching tool to ensure the profitability of your station and the satisfaction of your driver customers.

Contact Brad Schmoll, CMD CNG Business Development Manager, for a no-obligation consultation today.

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