Considering CNG Fuel for Your Fleet?

5 Reasons Why the 100CGS Modular Fueling Station is the Answer

It’s a big investment to convert vehicles to CNG and you need a good reason to start. Well, we know that oil prices won’t stay low forever, and abundant natural gas is a better bet for longer-term price stability. Plus, CNG is a clean-burning fuel, and CNG vehicles are reported as much quieter than diesel.

1. “I’m not 100% sold on CNG, but I’m interested…” The 100CGS is a perfect solution if you want to give CNG a try, offering a quick, affordable method to start out fueling a few vehicles or a small fleet, for a low initial upfront investment.

2. “My fuel site location is subject to change.” One of the great things about the compact 100CGS is that it is designed to be portable, and is easily moved from site to site, with minimal time and expense for installation.

3. “Costs are most important and I need to reduce my fuel costs.”  Avoid paying retail prices for CNG and avoid costs associated with the downtime of waiting in lines at stations or driving to find one.

4. “I still need uninterrupted fueling…..” The 100CGS offers robust reliability with proven uptime of over 99.79%. The system is backed by all the service and technology of CMD larger fuel systems. The chart below shows how you can efficiently fuel vehicles and fleets with time-fill dispensing.

5. “What if my fueling needs grow?” Bolt-on expansion pods quickly and affordably expand your system as your fueling requirements grow with scalable fuel delivery, up to 4 compressor systems.

Now it’s affordable and quick to ease into your own CNG station with the CMD CNG Energy Solutions 100CGS Modular CNG Station.

The Specs

  • 4-stage reciprocating compressor(s)
  • 96 SCFM (0.7 Diesel Gallon Equivalent) each
  • 4.0 psig inlet pressure and 68°F inlet temperature, discharging at 4500 psig.


Want a closer look?

Check out our drone video of the interior of the 100CGS!


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