CNG Fueling Equipment – Sized Right for Your Needs

CMD 50 CGS and 100 CGS CNG Compressor Packages Offer Flexible Solutions

When it comes to CNG fueling equipment, compressor size is a critical consideration, and one-size does not fit all. CMD has developed a full range of compressor packages, and is pleased to introduce the modular 50CGS and the 100CGS compressor series, available in single, dual or triple configurations, to meet your small-site or portability requirements. CMD’s modular design allows customers to add compressors as their business grows, or to move their capital assets in the future.

Fleet Size Equipment
HP per
Minimum Inlet
Flow/Min in
4 50CGS Sauer 40 HP 3 PSI 1.51 50
9 50CGS2 (Dual) Sauer 40 HP 3 PSI 3.03 100
8 100CGS Sauer 75 HP 3 PSI 2.65 87.5
16 100CGS Sauer 75 HP 3 PSI 5.30 175

Three Compressor System Utilizing CMD’s                         Modular Technology

Single Small Compressor System









  • Scale up your fueling capabilities easily – simply bolt on the 50GCS or 100GCS to existing units as the site grows.
  • Convenient flexibility to move the portable systems from one site to another as needs change.
  • CMD CNG Energy Solutions compressor packages can be mixed and matched as your requirements change.

Enjoy CMD’s unparalleled support

  • Comprehensive service support menu including phone and onsite support, service, installation and repair to keep you up and running
  • The CMD Mobile monitoring app is available for all compression systems.
  • Full-service station Monitoring Service – remove yourself from the headaches and hassles of monitoring and arranging service solutions.
  • CMD’s 24/7 call center and technical service professionals will ensure the smooth operation of your system.

Contact CMD for more information about flexible, robust and cost-efficient CNG Compressor Systems:

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CNG Business Development Manager
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