The Peace of Mind Difference in CNG Fueling

Solutions Center Offers Wraparound Support for Owners and Operators

“Drivers often fuel up for the day in the small hours of the morning,” says Ashley Nabbefeld, Call Center Lead for CNG Energy Solutions.  “We are gratified to be there to answer questions and offer real solutions when a fueling difficulty arises for these drivers – regardless of the hour of the day.”

She explains that often the issues are related to educating a driver on proper fueling techniques or remotely accessing the dispenser to accept the driver’s credit card if something isn’t working right on their end.

“With our live-camera access to the station, we can walk drivers through most situations – getting them on the road and on their way quickly – even at 2 a.m.” she says.  “The station owner or operator can use our mobile monitoring tool to access real-time information regarding their station, or just enjoy a good night’s rest and check on the night’s activities via our real-time reporting of issues and resolutions.”

The CNG Energy Solutions Center provides more than 24/7/365 station monitoring by trained CMD technicians and personnel at our U.S. facility, it provides actionable data and reassurance that issues are recorded, tracked, resolved and trends are spotted to prevent future issues.




Our important goals are: saving time, money and ensuring safety.  This list of services offered is expanded frequently due to the unique capabilities of our technology:

  • Issue ticketing, tracking and resolution reporting
  • Real-time performance analytics
  • NEW – Resolution response time analytics
  • Remote camera viewing of station
  • Remotely access and operate equipment if necessary
    • Remote reset if power outage
    • Test hose and remotely authorize
  • Monitor and record KPI
  • Preventive maintenance analysis and alerts
  • Quick parts ordering/access
  • Ticketing system to trigger parts orders
  • Bundling of service calls with preventive maintenance to save time and money

The CMD – CNG Energy Solutions Center services are available for stations across the country – not only those with CMD equipment.  CMD is proficient with a variety of compressor brands, and even provides training to technical personal for station owners and managers.

For more information on the Peace of Mind Difference in CNG Fueling – contact CNG Sales at: 1-800-626-0210

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