Preparedness Message to our Customers

March 19, 2020

CMD continues to monitor the evolving situation with COVID-19. We are sensitive to the importance of uninterrupted service and accessibility for our customers and have contingency plans in place. We have and will continue to engage key vendors and partners to proactively manage any supply chain issues.

To this point, we have every reason to believe there will be no disruption; although the situation is fluid, the impact cannot be predicted. We will continue to adjust our business practices to minimize disruption, while following CDC guidelines and continually monitoring communications by the World Health Organization and local and state governments.

Specifically, we have taken these steps to keep our employees safe and business operating as near to normal as possible:

  • Our manufacturing team continues to work diligently to produce high-quality CNG systems on schedule.
  • Employees are educated on social distancing and proper hand-washing protocol.
  • Our facilities are cleaned and sanitized daily.
  • We limit the personnel allowed into our facilities.
  • Only pre-scheduled visits are allowed.
  • Visitors must complete a health questionnaire before admittance.
  • We have eliminated all non-essential travel.
  • We require employees who are symptomatic or potentially exposed to the virus to stay at home.
  • We have added tools and connectivity so more employees are able to work seamlessly from home, and more remote meetings with customers and vendors are possible.
  • Service personnel will continue to visit sites and provide support.
  • Our 24-7 call center remains open and will continue to provide round-the-clock monitoring and assistance to drivers.
  • We are in continual communication with our key suppliers, working out short- and long-term plans to remove or minimize any delays.

Be assured that CMD will do its very best to communicate any changes, our goal being to diminish impact to our customers. If you have specific concerns or questions about products or services, please contact us:

Sales: Brad Schmoll
Parts Sales: Troy Hoehne
Service: Michael Bolin

Thank you for your continued business, and for the trust you place in CMD. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Tim Lewis
Vice-President, Global Sales and Service
[email protected]

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